Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tivy Baseball, 1967-68

I ran across these baseball photos in my files this week and could use some help in identifying the team members -- I know these were taken around 1967-68.  If you can help, please leave a comment in the comments section below.  Thanks!
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Tivy Baseball, around 1967-68

Tivy Baseball, around 1967-68

Kerrville Indians pitcher, around 1968


  1. could that coach be the famous Sugar Bear Byerley????? not sure that's how you spell his last name....but it looks like he may have looked in the younger years.....

  2. group picture....bottom row, far left....looks like Freddy Gamble.....would know others if i could make picture bigger!!!

  3. middle row....far right....a very young Mike Braden I think. Bottom row far is Joe...can't remember LAST name! Need Antler from that year...should be some around!!!! SURELY!!!!

    1. I know this is quite late, but it should be Joe Lara.

  4. Indians pitcher is Jimmie Peschel. Middle picture Coach Byerly and on right is "Rooster" Compton. Bottom left Freddie Gamble, middle John Hollimon. Second row first uniform on right is "Rooster" Compton. Others may come to mind....

  5. Team pic: Siitting L-R Ernest Fifer, ?, ?, John Holliman, Robert Valdez, Stanley Caulkins ?, ? Kneeling: Keith Simmons, ?, Ed Baskin, ?, Ben Scharnberg, Willie Bratcher, Bobby Compton, ? Standing: ?, Steve Yeargan, Terry Tyson, Alvin Farr, ?, Dan Ellis, ? (used 1968 yearbook)
    Coach Byerly, Dan Ellis, Bobby Compton
    Jimmy Peschel, pitcher

  6. First row, Gamble,?,?, Holliman, Calderon, Bernhard, Lara
    Second row: ?,?,Baskin, ?, Scharnberg, Bratcher, Compton
    Third row: Byerly, ?, Yergan, Tyson, ?,?,Ellis,?
    I Think


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