Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some of the things Ola Gammon saw in her 1913 Hudson

Friends recently gave me a unique logbook kept by Kerrville's Ola B. Gammon when she purchased her 1913 Hudson.
She traveled around the area and recorded her journeys in both words and photographs.  Here are a few of the things she saw while traveling.
Most agricultural work was still done with animal power; the two images of threshing were taken at the Gammon's farm/ ranch in Kerrville, which I believe was called "Happy Valley Ranch," and was on Bear Creek.
The bottom image is fairly rare, of the Reservation School, which, at the time, also housed a Baptist church.  This shot of the school predates the second location of the school.

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Threshing, Kerr County, 1915
Threshing, Kerr County, 1915
Reservation School, Kerr County, 1915
This is the first site of the Reservation School, which was built in 1907;
the school would move in 1919.  A Baptist church met here.
Note the brush arbor between building and right automobile.

Lots of mud on that surrey's wheels.  Kerr County, 1915


  1. Those are wonderful photos!

    That must have been a difficult life.

  2. I'm not familiar with the "Reservation School". Was it associated with an Indian Reservation?

    -- just wondering

    1. There are a lot of theories as to the name "Reservation" for both the road and the school. It was not an Indian Reservation; the most repeated story is the early settlers of that area considered themselves a separate people from others -- a 'reserve,' if you will. Perhaps another reader will have a better story that defines it better for all of us.


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