Monday, April 9, 2012

What a boy saw: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library Dedication, August 1967

I've placed an arrow at a young fellow in a photograph from my collection.  Did you notice him before? He's the one with a camera, taking pictures.  I've often wondered who he was, and what his photographs looked like.
Howard Butt speaking at the dedication of the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library.
Note the boy with the camera, Marvin Neunhoffer. (Follow arrow.)
Julius Neunhoffer knew exactly who that boy with the camera is -- it's his brother Marvin.  Their father, Julius Neunhoffer, was county judge in 1967 when the library was dedicated.  
Julius brought in some of the photographs Marvin took that day, including the one he's taking when the above photograph was taken.   Marvin was 11 years old at the event, so these photographs show what a young boy saw that day.

The photograph Marvin took at the moment
the above photograph was taken.
Howard and Mary Butt.
Behind them I see Tom Murray and Peggy Monroe.

Lady Bird Johnson.  It's not every day an 11 year old
gets to photograph the First Lady.

Even First Ladies like cake.  Gordon Monroe, who was
Kerrville's mayor then, is to the right.

Lady Bird Johnson speaking at the dedication of the
Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library, Kerrville, August, 1967.

Mary Butt, an unidentified woman (perhaps the artist), and Lady Bird Johnson
in front of the mosaic on the lower level.

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