Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Around 1915 -- fun in the Guadalupe River

I recently obtained a large box of memorabilia from the Morris family containing Kerrville items mostly from around 1910-1920.  These images were in the box, and since it's getting warmer and my thoughts are turning to the river, I thought you might enjoy seeing some Kerrville kids having fun in our old Guadalupe, two in the summer, the bottom one perhaps in the spring.
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Kerrville children, at the old mill dam, Kerrville, around 1912

Love the swimsuits.  Near Kerrville, around 1915

Fishing, near Kerrville, around 1915.  Looks like the weather was
a little colder than the photos above.


  1. ahhhhh! The good old days!

  2. That 3rd photo is especially terrific!


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