Sunday, May 27, 2012

Darn. I've made a mistake.

It's time to fess up to a mistake I've made.  In fact, it's a mistake I've published here many times, and it's even in my book of Kerrville photographs.
Multiple times I've published this photo of the Tivy Hotel (sometimes called the Tivy House); this old hotel was on Main Street, at the corner of Main and Tivy.  In the 1930s it was moved to its present location facing Tivy Street.
First the photo I've published many times:
Tivy Hotel, Kerrville, probably late 1880s.  As previously published.  By me. Many times.
But there's a problem with the photo.  I first realized it when I was looking over an old Sanborn Map, shown below.

Tivy Hotel, as shown in the June 1904 Sanborn map of Kerrville.
In this map, you'll notice the numbers in the yellow area -- those indicate the number of stories the structure has.  (The yellow indicates frame construction.)  When you compare the photo above with the drawing, you'll see I "flopped" the image horizontally.  The real image looked like this:

The Tivy Hotel, Kerrville, in the late 1880s, as it actually appeared.
I did publish a correct image of the structure last Monday, though completely by accident; the image was from a different source: the Christmas 1898 issue of the Kerrville Mountain Sun.  Here's that image, which confirms the correct orientation of the old hotel.

The Tivy Hotel, Kerrville, in 1898.


  1. Oh well, just goes to prove a point----you're human and we're all subject to them occasionally.

  2. Joe, only your expert eyes would have caught that very minor glitch.

    I enjoy all of the old Tivy House photos, no matter how they are flipped.

    I still say, "Great Work, Joe."

    Flipped or not, we appreciate your devotion to enlightening us on a daily basis.


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