Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Mystery Photo

Hey, it's Friday, so I thought I'd post a new "Mystery Photo."  Here's the deal: describe where the subject of the photo was taken, and what's there now.  Please guess in the comments section below.  If you guess correctly, I probably won't post your comment until after the contest is over -- just to keep the guesses coming.  Have fun, and happy Memorial Day weekend.
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Mystery Photo: Kerrville, 1940s.


  1. The Nook was on the lot previously home to the St. Charles Hotel, later Sid Peterson Hospital (where I was born) and now to the new plaza - if I remember correctly from your previous blog posts.

  2. Joe, you're really dating us. "The Nook", was at the corner of Sidney Baker and Water Street. The St Charles hotel earlier occupied that corner. After The Nook came Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital and now it is becoming a park adjacent to a new City Hall.

  3. The corner of Sidney Baker and Water.

  4. I think this is at the corner of Sidney Baker and Main; where the Courthouse now stands...but probably not :)

  5. The Nook bookstore, on the northeast corner of Water and Sidney Baker. Site of old St Charles Hotel and before Sid Pete Hosp.

  6. The corner of Sidney Baker and Water Street

  7. Well, to quote your Tuesday, February 22, 2011 blog, The Nook was built on the corner of Sidney Baker & Water where the St Charles Hotel once stood.
    (Amazing that Google search engine.)

  8. I think this is at the corner of Water and Sidney Baker, across from Pampell's. There is a new wall there where the new city hall is going up.

  9. Northeast corner of Sidney Baker and Water St. Peterson Plaza is there now (or will be) Really not fair... I remember eating in the Nook. After the St Charles was torn down, Kerrville Bus Co and Peterson Auto used the area behind the Nook as a parking area.


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