Sunday, May 13, 2012

A little mystery solved

For some time I've obsessed about a series of photos taken in downtown Kerrville.  They're of a parade, and they were a mystery to me for a long time.  The mystery was finally solved thanks to the help of a lot of people, but especially John MacCrossan, a friend who lives in Ireland.  The photos, I'm fairly certain, are of the 14th annual Saengerfest, hosted in Kerrville,  on September 3 and 4, 1896.
This photo was a small problem:
Saengerfest Parade, 700 block of Water Street, Kerrville, September 1896

The problem was the house seen through the archway, beneath the lyre.  Here is the detail of the house:
Detail from the parade photo.  Note facade of house to the left of American flag,
and the facade to the right of the other flag.
The house shown in the photo is about where the A. C. Schreiner home is today, but the problem is this: the house in the photo doesn't look like the A. C. Schreiner home.
A. C. Schreiner home, Kerrville, around 1980.
But when Julius Neunhoffer brought by a copy of the Christmas 1899 Kerrville Mountain Sun, there was a photo of the A. C. Schreiner home as it appeared in 1899:
A. C. Schreiner residence, Kerrville, 1899
And finally, the house at the end of Water Street in the parade photo matches the house in the 1899 issue of the Kerrville Mountain Sun.

Ok, I know.  It's a little thing.  But it was bugging me.


  1. Joe,

    At first, I couldn't see the similarities between the two houses and I thought that you had made a mistake in saying that the original A.C. Schreiner home was the one in the parade photo.

    However, after enlarging the two photos it became readily apparent that the houses were one and the same.

    It took a keen eye, on your part, to detect that small shred of evidence.

    Congratulations; that was a job well done!

  2. Can we now call you Hercule Poirot?!?!? And the AC Schreiner home in 1980 is where Kay Ann Saunders grew up...yes?????


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