Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A mystery about which I have no answer

I have occasionally posted images here seeking help from my fellow history enthusiasts.  This is such a photo.
I can tell you a bit about the image.  First, it's from a glass plate, meaning the negative was made by coating a piece of glass with photosensitive chemicals.  From the other glass plates in the same box, it was taken around 1900.  There are Kerrville images in with the other glass plates, including a few I where I can identify some of the subjects. 
However, I cannot say for certain this image was taken in Kerrville.
I've checked images of Dr. Charles Ganahl's "Zanzenburg" house, and also the old Starr Bryden image of Camp Verde.  I don't think it's either of those, but I might be wrong.
Hopefully someone reading this blog will recognize this old place.  If you have an idea about the image, please use the comments section below.  Evidence-based guesses are always welcome!
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Mystery house, from glass plate, around 1900.

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