Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mystery Photo revealed

Two days ago I published a photo and asked for you to guess where it was taken, and what is there now.  Yesterday, I published a "hint" photo, just to nudge you in the right direction. Susan Sander was the first one to provide the correct answer.
Here are the two photos, plus the answer:
The medical office of Dr. E. E. Palmer, 600 Block of Water Street, Kerrville
around 1925.
Parade, 600 Block of Kerrville, around 1930.
The A. C. Schreiner house is in the center, behind the marching group.
Peterson's garage is on the right.  Tucked behind the "La Veda Shop" (left) is the
little house that served as a medical office for Dr. Palmer.
The large building behind the tree on the left is Parson's Hall.
 And what is in this location today?
Grape Juice Kerrville is in the spot today.
They dispense a different kind of medicine than did Dr. Palmer.


  1. Oohh.. More "mystery" - well a little.
    Joe, your blogs have several mentions of Dr. Parsons and together with old Sanborn maps, it's clear this was originally his office but sometime back a reader corrected you that it was Dr. Palmer's office. Others also remember Dr. Palmer so I expect he used the same office later (at the time of this photo?), since few are likely to recall the treatments of Dr. Parsons who was dying when he headed for Kerrville in 1875 but prospered here until '93. Maybe Dr. Palmer took over Parsons' practice or even practiced with him?

    I'm still curious enough about the exact spot to go back for more Sanborn & Google.

  2. Sorry if I like this game too much but I really love both history AND geospatial technologies. Anyway I think I just proved you were right about the location, though I had previously placed it several yards away. Look at your Rialto post with pics of the from '45 and '46, where in one you can see the edge of Dr. Palmer's porch roof to the left of the Rialto and in the other you can see a tree that could have only been in his yard.


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