Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prominent Kerrville homes, 1899

I am grateful to Julius Neunhoffer for bringing by a copy of the Christmas 1899 Kerrville Mountain Sun, which was printed as a magazine instead of on newsprint.  It was one of J. E. Grinstead's early promotional publications for our community.  I have never seen a copy, so I'm thankful to Julius for letting me scan his copy.
As for the houses, I don't think a single one remains standing today, except perhaps the Rawson house, which might be the building which houses "Creations" on Main Street at Broadway.
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G. F. Schreiner home, Kerrville, 1899

A. C.  Schreiner home, Kerrville, 1899.  I believe this home
was on the same site as the present home next to the library.

J. L. Pampell home, Kerrville, 1899.  It stood on the corner of
Main and Quinlan, about where Little Caesars Pizza is today.

Home of the Kerrville mayor at the time of the magazine's publication,
W. H. Rawson, Kerrville, 1899

Home of Kerr County Sheriff John Vann, Kerrville, 1899.

Home of Kerr County Clerk J. M. Hamilton, Kerrville, 1899.

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  1. Great photos!!!

    Thank you Joe, and Mr. Neunhoffer.


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