Friday, June 15, 2012

Cascade Pool -- Downtown Kerrville

I suppose because it's been so hot here lately swimming has been on my mind.
There once was a swimming pool in downtown Kerrville -- the Cascade Pool.  It was about where the back part of the current Bank of America building is today -- the long part of the building overlooking the bluff above the river.
Many Kerrville old-timers have fond memories of the pool.  Some do not, since it was segregated, and they never got to swim there.
It would be nice to have a municipal pool downtown again.
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Cascade Pool, taken from the Blue Bonnet Hotel

Cascade Pool, taken from Arcadia Theater side. Kerrville, probably 1930s.
Note boys playing on the spinning "top" in the center of the pool.

Cascade Pool Postcard, Kerrville, fairly early, but date unknown.

Cascade Pool, Kerrville, 1950s.  Note girl performing swan dive from high board.


  1. I loved that old pool!

  2. In the first photo, the building on the far right is the old Schreiner Bank.

    I've been inside that bank a countless number of times, yet until today I never gave any consideration to the size of the building.

    It was small, buy given all that Mr. Schreiner accomplished; I would say that the bank stood like a giant in the Kerr County community.

  3. In my last sentence I stated,"It was small, buy."

    Obviously, I meant, "It was small, but."



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