Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Peek: Schreiner Store site of new Bank of the Hills branch.

For over a year Bank of the Hills has been the subject of a persistent rumor: my sources kept telling me they were going to open a little branch office in the renovated Schreiner Building.  Now that construction on the little office has started, I thought you'd like to see what they're doing.  The little bank office will be where the old Schreiner Department Store offices once stood, where Scott and Junior Schreiner worked, where, later, Clyde Parker had his desk.  This is on the Earl Garrett side of the building, between what was once the Ladies Department and the Sporting Goods/Hardware section.
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Bank of the Hills branch inside the old Schreiner Building, opening July 2012.
These teller windows face Water Street; the windows in background face Earl Garrett.
The old store safe is behind the tellers.

Inside the little office.  Additional teller space, plus a small office.

Another view of the teller windows, plus a glimpse
down the long hallway parallel to Water Street.


  1. LOL, like kerrville needs another stupid bank!!!

  2. Joe,

    In the third photo caption you refer to the "long hallway."

    The long hallway appears to be a mall hallway/walkway.

    Is the old Schreiner store being converted to a small mall?


    1. There is a long hallway down the center of the building, but I don't think the building is a small mall. This hallway connects all the rental space and provides access to the restrooms and elevator. Not much in there right now, but once it fills up I think the various spaces will be mostly retail on the ground floor; offices and perhaps a loft apartment on the second floor; a bar in this basement.

  3. I like the bank's decor and I like the idea of once again having a downtown bank in Kerrville.

    It will be of great value to the downtown merchants.

    If I still lived anywhere near Kerrville I would gladly do business with that downtown bank.

    From my brief statements, listed above, it is quite obvious that I enjoy typing the word "downtown." :)


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