Friday, June 29, 2012

Mystery Building!

Just when I think I know where everything was in Old Town Kerrville at the turn of the last century, a photo comes along that proves how little I know.  Here are two photographs.  The first I've published here before, saying I didn't recognize the building at the corner of Water and Main opposite Schreiner's store.  That building turned out to be Dr. Domingues's office and pharmacy.  Now I've noticed another building in the corner of a different photo -- and the building looks to be in the middle of Earl Garrett Street between Water Street and the river.  Hmm.  Perhaps one of you might know what that mystery building is?
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200 block of Earl Garrett, Kerrville, looking toward Water Street.
Dr. Domingues's office/pharmacy is behind wagon farthest right.

Same block, Kerrville.  Note "Mystery Building" shown by arrow.

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  1. Looking at the 1898 Sanborn maps, this appears to be the wooden building housing a millinery and dress shop at the corner of Water and Mountain streets. By 1904 it housed a doctor's office where Dr. Domingues worked, then was replaced by the brlck building in the upper photo.


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