Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprising little detail in a Kerrville photograph

I just noticed a surprising little detail in an aerial photograph of Kerrville I've published here before.  First, the photo:
Kerrville from the air, probably around 1960
 Studying the photograph, I noticed a little detail:
Ski boat in river, heading toward bridge.
For those that don't know, folks used to water ski in that little wide spot of river.  There was even a ski show put on there by Cotton Eldridge.  My own parents skied there after work at the print shop; I remember riding in the boat.

Can I be sure it's a ski boat? Not 100%.  But spotting the boat in the river did make me smile, and I thought it might make a few of you smile as well.


  1. I've skied in that river more times than I can remember, and Cotton always pulled me.

    He also repaired our boat motor many times at his shop.

    Cotton was a very nice man.

    I've always considered his death to be somewhat of a mystery.

  2. Okay. Even tho' I'm not from Kerrville, I'll bite: What is the mystery behind the death of noted water skier Cotton Eldridge? I think there may be a country song in there somewhere.. Dana


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