Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30 years ago today

Carolyn on our wedding day.
Thirty years ago today Carolyn and I married on a very hot summer day in Austin at the University Baptist Church.  The church is just across the street from the University of Texas at Austin, where we were both students. 
Without a doubt, marrying her was the smartest thing I've ever done. 
These three decades have been wonderful.  I certainly look forward to as many more as the Lord will allow us.
Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.

A poem for today:

I Could Take
by Hayden Carruth

I could take
two leaves
         and give you one.
Would that not be
a kind of perfection?

But I prefer
one leaf
         torn to give you half
(after these years, simply)
love's complexity in an act,
         the tearing and
              the unique edges —
one leaf (one word) from the two
imperfections that match.


  1. We remember it well We were there and Dub took your Wedding pictures. Happy Anniversary and many more. We celebrate our 55 this past April 27th/
    raye and dub haney

  2. Happy Anniversay!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mr Joe and Mrs Carolyn.

  4. In comment #2, obviously, I meant to say "Happy Anniversary!!!," not
    "Happy Anniversay!!!"


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