Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kerrville Saloon coins

These tokens, like the image of the Favorite Saloon "coin" I published Friday, were issued by a local saloon, the Jewel.  There is some scant evidence the Jewel was on the same block as the print shop, somewhere between the shop and the corner (but farther toward Sidney Baker Street than Grape Juice).
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Jewel Saloon tokens, Kerrville, probably before 1890

Jewel Saloon tokens, Kerrville probably before 1890


  1. You might be interested in this, which places the Jewel Saloon across from your print shop where the parking garage is.
    Kerrville Mountain Sun, Apr 23, 1936, p. 1.
    Soldier' Dead For 54 Years Is Unearthed Here
    A round, flat half-pint flask of the convival 80's, dead these 52 years and still plugged with its own decaying cork, was unearthed when workmen began remodeling the entrance to Lehmann's Variety Store last week.
    The bottle is of a type no longer used, and has the dealer's name moulded in the glass. It reads, "Jewel Saloon, E. G. Wells, Kerrville, Texas." Wells opened the Jewel Saloon in 1884 on the corner of Water and Sidney Baker Streets where the Peterson building now stands. It was then he had a supply of bottles made, with his name lettered in the glass, to be filled from whiskey barrels.
    Wells, now employed at the windmill shop of the Chas. Schreiner Co., recalled Monday that the late Capt. Charles Schreiner built for him the saloon which he leased for four or five years.
    Later Wells was employed at The Favorite Saloon ...

    1. Hi Joe;
      This Ronnie Young (owner of the McDonald's in Kerrville). I have an associate that is the Great Great grandson of E.G. Wells. Do you have any old pictures of him or any of his decendants? Would appreciate. Ronnie

  2. Mr. Young: unfortunately, no. I have no photos of Mr. Wells.


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