Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two early Kerrville Gas Stations

My friends Tony and Leroy Mosty, who run Mosty's Garage at the corner of Water and Francisco Lemos, let me borrow two images of old-time Kerrville Garages.  Thanks, Mostys.
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Kirk Holdsworth's station at the corner of Main and Sidney Baker, perhaps the early 1950s.

The old Mobil Station at Broadway and Travis.  I think this building was only torn down recently.


  1. During the 1950's, the gas station on Broadway was owned/managed by an old man who spoke with a very strong German accent.

    You could try for many years, but you would never find a nicer person than that elderly gentleman.

    In those days, the soft drink machine, that was located just outside the front door of the station, did not have an electric motor or compressor to keep the drinks cold.

    The ice plant delivered crushed ice to that station every day and poured it into the drink machine.

    The interesting part of the story is that the ice was always (ALWAYS) paid for with old, silver V nickels.

    When my grandfather, who delivered the ice to the station, returned to the ice plant, he would always exchange his own money for the V nickels so that he could bring the coins home for his collection.

  2. Actually, San Saba Caps renovated or rebuilt the station during their recent expansion. One can still see the outline of the original station, but the canopy has long since gone....

  3. I made a mistake.

    The first comment is mine.

    Utilizing Google Map, I viewed the building that is currently located at 1824 Broadway (or the building that is close to 1824 Broadway).

    When I saw the map I realized that the gas station to which I was referring (the one where the owner paid in V nickels) was on the opposite side of Broadway.

    The station was near the Broadway/Water intersection, but closer to town than the 1824 address.

    While looking at Google Map, I noticed that there is what appears to be a repair shop at the corner of Broadway and H Street.

    The building looks as if it might have been a gas station years ago.

    I don't know if that is the building that I was thinking of when I posted the first comment, but it might be.

    It has been too many decades since I last saw the gas station.


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