Friday, August 24, 2012

First Peek: Inside Kerrville's New City Hall

Kerrville City Hall, under construction, August 2012
Former Kerrville mayor John Mosty, Kerrville Daily Times Assistant Managing Editor Mark Armstrong, Kerrville Daily Times Photo Editor Tom Holden and I got a tour of the new Kerrville City Hall this morning.  The place was humming with activity; workmen were on every floor, painting, installing ceilings, laying tile.
Of course, I took a few snaps for you, readers of my blog -- click on any image to enlarge.

A nice view of the rear of the Charles Schreiner Home on Earl Garrett Street, from the plaza.

The staircase spilling from the clock tower
City Council chambers; the dark wood is behind the council bench.

Another view of the dais in the City Council chambers.

Lobby, with two story atrium, just as you enter the building.

The clock tower peeking through one of the atrium windows.

A view of the old through the new.

Up in the rafters.  Two of us snuck away from the guided tour. Surprised?

Up on the roof, looking toward the Schreiner Mansion and Schreiner Building.

From the roof, looking at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center (old Post Office).


  1. Great pix. TYVM. In picture #5 do you mean "dais" vice "dias"?

  2. Thanks for the tour, Joe. It's going to be a wonderful addition to downtown! Beautiful work too on the rear of the Schreiner Mansion bringing it in to the plaza.

  3. Wow, nice. Still don't know why it was needed, but nice.

  4. What a beautiful building!

    This facility is a great addition to a great town.

    So many downtown areas are in disrepair, but Kerrville's downtown area is one of great beauty.

    I don't remember the name of the family that contributed to this new building, but if I did know their name, I would say, "Thank You!"

    Thanks for the photos, too, Joe. They keep those of us who live thousands of miles away up-to-date on the building's progress.

    Plus, your photos are creating history for those who will live in Kerrville hundreds of years from now (once there was Starr Bryden, now there is Joe Herring.) :)

  5. Very Nice. What is the city thinking of doing with the Old City Hall building?
    Living in Seatttle now but we make a trip to kerrville once a year and it's nice to keep up with What's Happening in our home town. Thanks.

  6. In picture #1, note the large center window. Could this be the reason the recent writer to KDT thinks our new City Hall is a church?


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