Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kerrville's Franklin Junior High School 1934 graduation pin

Graduation pin, Kerrville's Franklin Junior High School, 1934
My long-time friend Fuzzy Swayze has been following my recent newspaper columns where I've been quoting from a book written by students of Kate Franklin, who taught Texas History at Kerrville's Franklin Junior High School.  Little did I know Fuzzy was a member of those classes, and a student of Kate Franklin.  I saw him at a Kiwanis party last night and he showed me his graduation pin from Franklin Junior High. I asked him last night if the school was named for Benjamin Franklin, somethign I'd always assumed, but he said no -- it was named for Kate Franklin's husband, Raymond Franklin, who was the superintendent of the Kerrville Independent
School District at the time.  Later, when Franklin departed Kerrville (I think perhaps he was 'let go'), the junior high was renamed Tivy Junior High School.
The little pin was about 3/8" tall.  The animal in the middle doesn't really look like a Spike, does it?
Francis "Fuzzy" Swayze, in front of his high school class portraits, taken in 2011


  1. Oh this brings tears to my eyes!!! I love Fuzzy~ Nell and Fuzzy lived directly across the street from us on Mockingbird Lane and I got to say hi to them several years ago when I drove by my childhood home and they were out in the driveway. What a cool pin. What a great photo of Fuzzy with the 1938 class picture in background!!! No, that does not look like a "spike" on the pin!! Wonder what it is.....Thanks, Joe. Having my morning coffee and looking at your blog, is the best.....xo

  2. Where exactly was the Franklin Junior High building located?

    1. I'm not sure. I've always assumed it was in the building I knew as Tivy Elementary when I was a student. I'll ask Fuzzy when next I see him.

  3. Angora goat - that's my guess.


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