Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kerrville City Hall dedication ceremonies

Kerrville's new city hall was dedicated today -- here are a few snaps I took at the event.
Dr. Bill Blackburn offers a dedicatory prayer.
The color guard posts the colors.

Tivy High School's choir and drum line perform the Star Spangled Banner.

The ribbon is cut by the current and two former mayors.


  1. I truly like this new city hall building.

    In addition to being functional, it appears to add a great deal to the aesthetics of the downtown area.

    I so wish that I could go back to Kerrville, one more time, so that I could see this new building.

  2. The back of the Schreiner Mansion can now be clearly seen.

    When the hospital, and farther back than the hospital when the old Lehman building existed, it was difficult to see the back of the mansion.

    Now, it is a very pleasing view.

  3. I was in town this weekend and had a chance to see both the new and former city halls. I'd be grateful for any information you could give about the location at 800 Junction Highway (year built/what was there pre-1984) so I can add it to my site (I can be reached at info (at) And thanks for your blog - it has been a great resource!

    1. The old city hall was built as an office for the Lower Colorado River Authority, which supplied Kerrville with electricity. There's a photo of the building on my blog, at


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