Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book signing with Clarabelle Snodgrass

I'm thankful for Wolfmueller's Books -- they're hosting a book signing for my new book, and they've invited Clarabelle Snodgrass to be there as well, with her new book "The Last Bale of Hay."

Clarabelle Snodgrass and yours truly at
Clarabelle's 99th birthday party.
Photo by Irene van Winkle
The book signing will be December 1, 2012, from 3-5 pm, at Wolfmueller's Books, 229 Earl Garrett, Kerrville.  If you want to purchase one of Clarabelle's books, or one of mine, (or both!), it might be wise to call ahead so they can have plenty in stock.  The phone number for Wolfmueller's is 830-257-7323.

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  1. I'm getting you a comb for Christmas.


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