Thursday, December 20, 2012

A brief history of the YO Ranch

Every now and then I get an assignment to write about a subject on which I know very little.  Well, that would be most subjects....
Recently the folks at Comanche Trace asked for a brief history of the YO Ranch, and I really enjoyed doing the research on that historic place for the story.  The Comanche Trace Lifestyles Magazine comes out in February, so I hope you'll look up the story then.
I had very few images of the ranch to use to illustrate the story, and so I was very grateful to the Schreiner family for letting me use some of the images from the book published in 1980 to celebrate the centennial of the YO Ranch, "Long Days and Short Nights," by Neal Barrett, Jr.
The story of the ranch is really the story of the people who worked there -- both the family who owned the ranch, and the hundreds of others over the years which kept the ranch going.
Here are a few images from the book which they let me borrow.
Click on any image to enlarge
The 1900 University of Texas football team. Walter Schreiner, youngest son
of Captain Charles Schreiner, is in the center. He was the captain of this undefeated team.

Charles Schreiner III and his four sons --
Gus, Louis, Walter, and above, Charles IV.

Myrtle and Walter Schreiner.   When they married in 1922,
neither knew what an important role she would play at the YO Ranch.

One of Charlie III's beloved Texas longhorns.

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