Thursday, January 17, 2013

A stunning improvement to an historic Kerrville photograph

Over the years hundreds (if not thousands) of historic photographs of Kerrville have come into our offices at the print shop.  One I found particularly interesting -- a shot of the 800 block of Water Street, taken around 1900.
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800 Block of Water Street, Kerrville, looking toward Earl Garrett Street from
Washington Street, around 1900.
I included the image above in my first book because it showed both the Weston Building (where Francisco's Restaurant is today), and the Schreiner Building.  The streets were still dirt, and I believed it really told an interesting story of part of our community.
Imagine my surprise when the photograph below came across my desk this week:
800 Block of Water Street, Kerrville, looking toward Earl Garrett from
Washington Street, around 1900.  This is the exact same photograph.
They're both the same photograph.  However, the one I published in my book is a copy of the original, or perhaps even a copy of a copy.  It is not very detailed and rather poor quality in comparison.
But at the time of my first book's publication, the photograph above was the best available.  No one knew of the existence of the second, more original photograph.
In the second, better photograph, you can see pedestrians, some folks on a porch, the sign for a shoe- and bootmaker, and fine details on the buildings.
I was very happy to receive the second, better photograph.  I hope you enjoy exploring the two photographs.  I'm particularly thankful to the friends who loaned me the better photograph so I could add it to my files.


  1. This was back in the day of horse drawn buggies. The fact that there are no cars on the road nor any parked along the curb in front of the shops is a stark reminder of how much things have changed in just over 100 years. And unless I'm greatly mistaken, it looks like there are some horse droppings on the road next to the lush curbside grass in the foreground.

  2. The clarity of this photo is stunning.

    I love it!

    Joe, we miss not receiving/viewing your frequent photo postings (as compared to the many photos you previously posted.)

    You are our Kerr County reference source - if you don't post the photos, we won't continue to learn.

    Do you have photos that are similar to the ones you have posted. Although they are similar, we would enjoy seeing them.

  3. I think it's great that the developers of the New Town Kerrville planted the curb-side trees to resemble original Old Town Kerrville


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