Friday, March 22, 2013

"Last" bear killed in Kerr County

This photo has been captioned "The Last Bear Killed in Kerr County," but somehow I don't think it's accurate.  Even a city girl like Ms. Carolyn has seen a bear in the woods nearby, so I imagine other bears have also met the same fate as this one.
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The photo was taken by J. E. Grinstead, who was the publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun. The photo was captioned in a much later issue of that paper: "This proud group of hunters pose beside the last bear that was killed in Kerr County, and the hunt took place in the summer of 1904.  It seems the bear had developed a fondness for fresh pork, so Bruno Schwethelm rounded up neighbors and chased the animal for over three miles before he was cornered and shot.  Left to right are Henry Karger, Bruno Schwethelm (who shot the bear), Walter Karger, Edgar Doebbler, and Otto Schwethelm.  The picture was taken by J. E. Grinstead beside the Favorite Saloon...."
The Favorite Saloon is now owned by the Rectors, and is the home of Hill Country Living, in the 700 block of Water Street in downtown Kerrville.

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  1. Joe, do you have any idea where this photo was taken?

    There is a brick building in this photo
    (red brick ?).

    The only brick building that I remember in Kerrville, early on, was the Kerrville Ice & Storage building (of course, there may have been others that I don't remember).

    In addition to manufacturing ice, the Ice Plant also stored game. During WWII they stored game and fresh vegetables for the town's people. They were vegetables that the people had grown in their own Victory gardens.

    I wonder if the photo was taken next to the Ice Plant's red brick building.


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