Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mystery Photo: answer revealed

Saturday I posted a "mystery photo" taken in modern-day Kerrville, and asked readers to tell where the photo was taken.  The first person with the correct answer was Deborah G., though Kathie W. was a close second.

The photo was taken at Methodist Encampment. An item in the May 1, 1958 issue of the Kerrville Mountain Sun reads: A memorial to the late Mrs. Edith Perkins has been planned by the members of t h e Mount Wesley Garden Club, with other friends in the community assisting. Plans were made for this at the meeting held Thursday evening at the home of Miss Lydia Rieke. The memorial will be a bird sanctuary, which has been set aside at Mount Wesley, and is to be encircled with a wall of native stone. Plants and shrubs, which are to be given by people outside the club, will be planted in the space, and a fund will be set aside for the perpetual care of the place. 
The stone and plaque pictured above can be found at the intersection of Methodist Encampment Road, Panorama Drive, and Alice Street.
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  1. Although this mystery appeared to have an easy solution, it in fact was rather difficult to solve.


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