Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kerrville Mystery Photo: answer revealed

So, how well do you know Kerrville?  Several of you guessed correctly: it's the building now owned by the Voelkel family, and it stands at the intersection of Clay and Water Streets, across Clay Street from the parking building, and across Water Street from the A. C. Schreiner Mansion.
This building originally served as part of an auto dealership, if my research is correct -- the Sealy Cone automobile dealership.  Mr. Cone was an interesting character.  After his car dealership days he served for awhile as the city manager of Kerrville.  Those cork trees next to the old city hall (and present-day Union State Bank) were planted by Mr. Cone.
In his "It Happened Here" column for March 26, 1980, Mr. Salter wrote "The cork trees at the City Hall came from Portugal and were planted by the late Sealy Cone who was City Manager at the time."

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Kerrville mystery photo: where was it taken?
The Voelkel's building as it appeared in the 1950s. The decoration in the photo above
is above the window facing Clay Street, close to the corner.
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  1. That was fun.

    I'm glad to see an old building utilized in a new way.

    Unfortunately, in this day and age many people would rather demolish an old building rather than "re-energize" it.

  2. Wasn't Voelkel's formerly known as Stehling's (sp) Garage? Wasn't a later funeral home next door to it on Clay. And across Clay was a pool hall? If this was Stehling's, my father worked there as a young man in the late '20s. .... Don


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