Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Early Kerrville Computer

Float, Tivy Homecoming Parade, mid-1960s
It might be hard to read, but there between Kerrville's Bluebonnet Hotel and the Charles Schreiner Bank is a float in a Tivy Homecoming Parade which features a computer.  Yep, that big box on the back of that flatbed truck represents an Old School computer, complete with flashing lights and a telephone input device.  I'm straining my eyes to read the headline at the top of the 'computer,' but I think it says "Tivy Freshman Computer/Tivy .../So San 0"  There also appears to be an animal's pelt on the rear of the 'computer,' or perhaps its a rather large 'computer' bug.
My thanks to the Voelkel brothers, Lee and Don, for sharing this image with all of us.
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