Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My last Kerrville Daily Times column

Earl Garrett Street, Kerrville, long ago
Folks: my column at the Kerrville Daily Times ended last Saturday, after a 999 column run. The reason: the owners of the newspaper sent out a contract which had a major change from previous contracts. The local folks, both the publisher, Mike Graxiola and the managing editor, Carlina Villalpando, were very helpful, but the corporate folks would not return to the contract we've used for more than 18 years.
In previous contracts the copyright on the material remained with me after publication; in the new contract, the copyright belonged to the owners of the Daily Times.
This was a problem, because, as you know, I use the material from my column here on my blog, as well as in the  two local history books I've produced.  I was reluctant to give ownership of my work to a distant corporation.
I'm glad my last column was about Fuzzy Swayze's brother -- Prentiss -- who made hummingbird feeders here in Kerrville.  I also hope my mention of Francisco Lemos' grave will prompt the community to properly mark this World War I hero's grave.
It will be odd to have this next Thursday come and go without a newspaper deadline -- for the first time since November, 1994.
On to new adventures!


  1. They say that for every door that closes.... I'm looking forward to reading you again, somewhere.

  2. If this is your new home, I will be visiting often. The community is behind you Joe and it shows a great deal of shortsighted thinking on the KDT's new owners. I learned a great deal from your articles. Write 'em cowboy.

  3. Joe, this is very sad news. However, it is most understandable that you wish to maintain ownership of your work. In fact, not to have control of your creativity would be inexcusable.

    Thank you for your many years of service to your readers. You have built a huge following, and we will continue to follow you on your blog.

    Although you have posted many photos to your blog, perhaps you have different views of those photo subjects that you could publish. We love photos.

  4. Dear Joe, I'm always pleased to see an email in my inbox announcing your next post is available. Today's post was a bit of a surprise and I decided to write to let you know that I hope you will continue to write for this blog. As a transplant to Kerrville I enjoy reading about the history of the area and how it relates to current goings on. We don't subscribe to the newspaper so your blog is a great benefit and you do such a wonderful job with it. Thanks so much.

  5. I hope you continue with this blog. I live in far away Dallas-Fort Worth area and never saw the Kerrville paper anyway. If you keep posting, I'll keep reading. I believe others will too.


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