Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aerial view of Kerrville, ca. 1932

Aerial view of Kerrville, around 1932
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There are so many things I like about this photo.  For fun, let's see if you can find the following landmarks.
  • The Kerr County Courthouse
  • The Blue Bonnet Hotel
  • Train freight cars
  • The building which housed the very first H-E-B store -- Mrs. Florence Butt's first store was in a rented building.
  • Notre Dame Catholic Church
  • First Baptist Church (trick question)
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Schreiner Bank
  • Schreiner store
  • Charles Schreiner Mansion
  • The A. C. Schreiner home
  • Pampell's
  • The Arcadia
  • The Comparette house
  • The Tivy Hotel (and bonus points for spotting the outline of where the Tivy Hotel until very recently stood, just before this photo was taken.)
  • The Ice House
  • The St. Charles Hotel
  • The Union Church
  • The Secor Hospital (later, the Kellogg Building)
  • Parsons Hall
  • The Favorite Saloon building
Several of you will likely notice the Sidney Baker Street bridge has not yet been constructed, nor the old Post Office at the corner of Main and Earl Garrett streets.  If you had been brave enough to fly about eighty years ago, this is what you would have seen from above Kerrville.
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  1. This is a great photo.

    I found many of the landmarks, but I could not find the First Baptist Church.

    Do you have any closeups of the old Ice House?

    Thank you, Joe, I love old photos of Kerrville.

    P.S. I remember one of the ministers of the First Baptist Church. His last name was Andrews, or Anderson. It has been too many years for me to remember his name with 100% certainty.

  2. The First Baptist Church building in the photo is not the building which houses that church today; FBC was originally on the corner of Washington and Jefferson, opposite from today's First Presbyterian Church sanctuary. The First Assembly of God is there now, in a different building than the one pictured. For more images of the Ice House, see

  3. I wonder if the tunnel between Schreiner's Store, and Schreiner's Mansion (home) truly existed.

    If anyone has access to a ground penetrating radar unit, we might solve the mystery of the tunnel.

  4. Historical Aerials has many great aerial photo and topo maps from different periods of time. It's interesting to compare them.


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