Friday, April 25, 2014

Kerrville teen groups, late 1960s.

Here are some photos from the late 1960s -- all Kerrville photographs, with lots of people in them.  I'd certainly appreciate any help in identifying the folks in these images.  Please advise me in the comments section below.  If you get this post via email, please click HERE to get to the comments section.

Kerrville Daily Times paper boys, late 1960s.  I've seen this posted elsewhere,
but it turns out I have the negative.... I recognize Barry McCollom, and the Voelkel brothers.
Do you recognize any of these young men?

Athletes visiting the Kerrville Kiwanis Club.

I'm thinking this was part of a play -- but I'm not sure.

Some Tivy tennis players.
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  1. Paperboys: 1st row left: Ross Davis, 2nd row right: Mike Chamberlain 3rd row: left Charles Gray, right David: Lynch
    Some others are familiar faces, but can't remember names right now.

    Athletes: 2nd from right looks like Ed Baskin's brother.
    Girl in 3rd pic is Anita Beach
    Tennis players: Coach Dechert, Andy Price, Bill Stacy, ? Girl on left is Virginia Howard.

  2. Tennis photo, behind net, left to right: Coach Gerry Deckhert, Andy Price (?), ??, Lee Jennings Jr.

  3. Kiwanis athletes, left to right:
    Greg LaBarge, Jeff Frazar, Charles Baskin, David Bernhard...classmates of mine, Tivy class of '71

  4. Hate to say it Joe, but the Tennis Pic is from 1968, back row is Coach Dechert, Andy Price, Me -Bill Stacy, and Lee Jennings. Girl is the center is Nancy Flinegan (not sure on spelling) Picture was taken on tennis courts at Camp Rio Vista

  5. Third photo, girl is Anita Beach

  6. Second photo, Kiwanis Club, man in the dark jacket is Julius Scott.


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