Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's been awhile

Thanks for all of the emails you've sent during the absence of posts here.
I really appreciate the concern so many of you expressed.  I am indeed well and happy -- this blog has been neglected only because we've been so busy at the print shop. I think I can sneak in a few posts before I hit the pile of work on my desk.
Since my last post, I've had some interesting additions to my Kerr County history collection.  Take, for instance, the little scrap of ephemera pictured below:
Click to enlarge image
Request for Payment, Kerr County, 1893
It's a little hard to read the handwriting, so let me attempt to decipher it:

John W. Vann
Sheriff and Tax Collector
Kerr County
Kerrville, Texas 11 14 1893
Mr. McFarland
Dear Sir:
Please pay Mr. J. W. Vann $2.00 ?crifs?
due me - Holding election
at Centre Point. G R Moore

Despite the age of the piece, it's in relatively good condition.  I'm thankful to the Wallers for sharing this with all of us.
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