Monday, September 15, 2014

Do you remember the Rialto Theater?

There were once a movie theater in the 600 block of Water Street, and it stood in what is now our parking lot next to the print shop, between our print shop and Grape Juice.  The old movie theater was torn down by the Charles Schreiner Bank in the 1980s, I believe, and they built the parking lot my family now owns.
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Rialto Theater, 600 Block of Water, Kerrville, around 1946
Rialto Movie Theater poster, 1941, from the
collection of Fred and Annie Streit
The Rialto Theater, 600 Block of Kerrville, next to what is now our print shop.
The sign on the outer wall of our print shop building is still there,
but on an interior wall.

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  1. The building spent a few years as a dance venue called "The Casket". due to its very appropriate interior dimensions. All the seats were removed, and you had to adjust to dancing on a sloping floor.

  2. I remember the Rialto very well. It was fun having two downtown theaters.

    I also remember when it was converted to a dance hall for teenagers.

    Over the years, the character of that section of Water Street has really changed.

    In the old days there was no parking garage, but there was the bus station, and Peterson's
    garage. It seems that there was also a small hardware store, plumbing shop, or auto parts store, too.

    Plus, let's not forget Henry's Barber shop.

    Of course, just down the street was the H.E.B. grocery store.

    Do I miss that character? Yes, and no.


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