Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The mystery photo of Governor John Connally

Julius Neunhoffer brought this image of Governor Connally by the other day, and it was a little bit of a mystery.  With Governor Connally is Neunhoffer's father, Kerr County Judge Julius Neunhoffer, and behind the two are Mr. and Mrs. Howard Butt, Sr.
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Texas Governor John B. Connally and Kerr County Judge Julius Neunhoffer, April, 1967
Here's the mystery: it appears, since Mr. and Mrs. Butt are in the image, that this is an event at the library; however, Governor Connally was not at the dedication of the library.  That event featured then First Lady Ladybird Johnson.
In the background, you can see what looks to be the Tivy High School band.  To the right, a column of the library building.
So what could the event be?
It turns out there was a separate ceremony, a cornerstone celebration, during the construction of the library.  A front-page story in the Kerrville Mountain Sun, on April 26, 1967, talks about the event, but also gives a tantalizing clue about something else:
Did you know there's a time-capsule, of sorts, in the cornerstone of the library? 
Neither did I.  But there is.  In 2017, three years from now, that time capsule with be fifty years old....
Thanks, Julius, for sharing this image with all of us.
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