Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Two who gave their lives

The Tivy High School Class of 1964 will be holding its 50th year reunion this year, during the homecoming festivities October 24th.  Dianne Meeker DeBarros, a member of that class, sent along photographs of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, and the names of two of her classmates killed in that conflict.  They were so young when they died, and it's difficult to avoid wondering what their lives might have been had they not been in Southeast Asia those many years ago.  The two of her classmates memorialized on the Memorial are Robert Glen Chenault and Anthony Kunz.  While there were other Kerrville men who died in that war, these were in the Tivy graduating class of 1964.
Thanks, Dianne, for sending these photos for all of us to share -- and for remembering these brave young men.
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Anthony E. Kunz, member of the THS Class of '64

Robert Glen Chenault, member of the THS Class of '64

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