Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rare photo of Francisco Lemos

For any collector, there are always some missing items you'd like to have.  I have a lot of "holes" in my collection, but one of those holes was filled this week, thanks to Charlene Stacy and her sharp eyes.
I had a rather poor scan of a war-time portrait of Francisco Lemos; my scan was pretty awful, and very low-resolution.  Given the importance of Lemos to our history, I really wanted a new, better scan.
Charlene Stacy happened to see a copy of a photo of Lemos at the recent sale at Schreiner University, and picked it up before it was, well, lost forever.  She has graciously allowed me to scan that original copy.  Below is my scan, complete with the removal of the tear in the photo -- which was represented in the copy of the original.  While this is a third generation of the original, it's a lot better than what I had before.  Thanks, Mrs. Stacy!
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Francisco Lemos, World War I hero

The new marker for his grave
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