Friday, February 13, 2015

A newly found image of Kerrville -- 1920s

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Kerrville, mid 1920s, taken from south of the river, looking east
This photo was on a postcard I have in my collection -- titled "Thompson Sanatorium."  That's the sanatorium in the foreground, with Kerrville in the background.  

In the photo you can see
  • Tivy High School
  • The St Charles Hotel
  • Several churches: (from left to right: the Union Church, Zion Lutheran, First Presbyterian, First Baptist, Notre Dame, St Peter's Episcopal)
  • The third Kerr County courthouse
  • Schreiner Company
  • the Kerrville Roller Mill and the ice plant
  • Pampell's
  • the Favorite Saloon building
  • Parson's Hall (which was where our parking lot is today, between Herring Printing Company and Grape Juice)
I was gathering materials for the upcoming show curated by the Friends of the Kerr County Historical Commission: "The Story of Us: the Impact of Tuberculosis in the Growth of Kerr County," which opens March 7, 2015 at the Schreiner Mansion Historic Site and Education Center, 226 Earl Garrett Street, Kerrville

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  1. In reference to the Ice Plant, it appears that the basement windows were open, and not closed with cement. At some point in time, they were cemented shut.

    Also, I don't see Reiter's Garage next to the Ice Plant. I suppose that it had not yet been constructed.

    I have tried, and tried to see the Schreiner home on Water Street, but I have yet to locate it. Was it the
    A.C. Schreiner home? I'm referring to the house that is just up the street from your printing company.

    In the foreground, I see a barn, and a somewhat large home. Didn't one of the Schreiners live in that general area. I know there is a Schreiner home up on the hill, behind where the
    photographer would have been standing when this photo was taken. But, I also thought that one of the
    Schreiner boys lived closer to the river, where the barn, and houses can be seen in this photo.


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