Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is this a photo of Chester Nimitz?

Recently I came across a photograph of a young Chester Nimitz in an email sent by a friend, and it reminded me of one another friend found in a scrapbook of photographs about the St. Charles Hotel.
First, the known photograph of Chester Nimitz as a student at the U. S. Naval Academy:
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Chester Nimitz, as a young midshipman at the
United States Naval Academy
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From a traveler's scrapbook, found by Lanza Teague.  The building in the background
is Kerrville's St. Charles Hotel.  The Nimitz family managed the hotel at the time.
Is the young man on the far right Chester Nimitz?


  1. Joe, looks like Chester; same slope of the nose and fair complexion. Happy faces in the photo!

  2. There's another "youthful photo" of Chester Nimitz on Wikipedia. All the photos, combined, lead me to think
    that your posted photo is Chester Nimitz. I wish we also knew the names of the other people in your photo.

  3. I lived next door in the 50's to the Hinke family that were early settlers in Kerrville. They came to town in a horse drawn wagon and opened the Hinke Meat Market on Main St. in early 1900's. I know of three female cousins of Chester Nimitz; Laura, Edna, and Elsa Bea and a male cousin, Chester Hinke. They lived in the 900 block of Main Street until early 1960's. Edna was wheelchair bound; but was a very active volunteer at the Veterans Hospital; helping the patients there. She was recognized by President Eisenhower for her accomplishments in humanities.


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