Thursday, July 9, 2015

New owners for Charles Schreiner Mansion

Mrs. Josephine "Dodo" Parker, at her great-grandfather's home.
Photo by Ridge Floyd.
So it appears Schreiner University has transferred ownership of the Charles Schreiner Mansion.
DATE: July 9, 2015
RE: Schreiner University and The Cailloux Foundation agreement begins a new era for the Schreiner Mansion downtown

KERRVILLE, TX—Schreiner University announced today that it has transferred ownership of the Schreiner Mansion to The Cailloux Foundation, which is dedicated to charitable causes in Kerrville and surrounding communities.
Schreiner president Tim Summerlin said, “The Cailloux family and Foundation have demonstrated their visionary goals for our downtown, and the Schreiner Mansion is a key part of that area. For that reason, we at Schreiner University have concluded that the transfer of this community asset from one non-profit to another non-profit is the right step to take at this time.”
Summerlin also expressed the University’s gratitude to the Parker family who gifted the Mansion to University five years ago. During that time, Schreiner’s programming has brought exhibits, lectures and musical events to the venue for the community’s benefit.
“Witnessing the transformation of this block of downtown Kerrville—construction of the new city hall and downtown plaza, renovation of the Schreiner Building, and improvements to the Mansion, as well—primarily through the generous investment of the Cailloux Foundation, we have become convinced that the Mansion’s potential will best blossom under its management,” Summerlin said.
Summerlin said the University intends to continue its participation in downtown events in the Mansion.
“We are pleased to have worked out mutually agreeable terms for the transfer and smooth transition that will ensure that Schreiner Mansion remains a treasure for the benefit of Kerrville for many years to come,” he continued.
According to Cailloux Foundation Chairman Kenneth Cailloux, “The Foundation will continue to repair and improve the historic building including making the second floor accessible to those unable to use the stairs.”

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