Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Links: Scofield School for Girls

The Scofield School for Girls, taken around a century ago.
This week, in my Kerrville Daily Times column, I promised to post some photos from my collection of the Scofield School for Girls.
For those who have not heard, the old building is in danger of being torn down to make way for a new housing development for senior citizens.  Because the building is privately owned, on private property, the owners can (obviously) do what they want with the old building.
The building itself is in pretty bad shape, according to those who've seen it.  Renovation or restoration would probably cost a fortune.
I don't know if the building should be preserved -- or if it even can be preserved.

Here are the links to many images (and stories) about the Scofield School.  Click on any link below.

Photos of the school and its faculty

Students at Scofield's School for Girls

A comparison of an old photo and a newer photo of the Scofield School

A diploma embosser from the Scofield School for Girls

A brief history of the Scofield School

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