Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tivy Artists Hall of Fame reception tonight at Pint & Plow

Artwork by my friend Tanya Wilder
one of the student artists honored in the
Tivy Artists Hall of Fame from 1975 - 2015

A reminder: the reception for the artists honored in the Tivy Artists Hall of Fame is tonight July 16, from 6 - 9 pm at Pint & Plow, 322 Clay Street, Kerrville.  Come see the wonderful art of the past 40 years, and visit with a lot of the artists who created these wonderful pieces.

From my Kerrville Daily Times column of July 2, 2016:

A pair of local educators are "making lemonade from the lemons" they discovered. I'm proud of Bridget Putnam, who is the current Fine Arts Chair at Tivy High School, and John Ruth, who was a young librarian at the high school back when I was a student there. They've turned what could have been a very negative situation into a positive event.
Years ago -- back when I was in high school -- the art program at Tivy High School celebrated its students with a contest where the best piece of art was chosen to be displayed permanently in the "Tivy Artists Hall of Fame," on the walls of the school's library.
Permanence is relative, apparently, because someone in the school system's administration decided to take down all of the art. By quick thinking, it was quickly rounded up before it slipped away or was discarded.
Rather than bemoan the situation, Putnam and Ruth have found a neat way to give the art back to the former students who created it -- some was created over 30 years ago.
Partnering with Pint & Plow, the prize-winning pieces are on display at the new restaurant's historic building at 332 Clay Street. It's been fun to look at all of the art on the walls in the old Dietert house. I'm proud of the Walther family, owners of Pint & Plow, for being such good hosts.
On July 16, from 6 - 9 in the evening, as many of the former student artists as possible will gather for a social event at Pint & Plow, and, at the end of the evening, the art will be returned to those who created it.

It's a wonderful idea, and I hope it will be a fun and meaningful event for everyone. Thanks, Ms. Putnam and Mr. Ruth -- this is a brilliant solution.

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