Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Link Pack

The Cascade Pool, downtown Kerrville, circa mid-1950s

Remember lining up dominoes and then knocking over the first one and the rest of the line followed?  This video shows an amazing set up of 15,000 dominoes, which took 8 days to build.  Too much time on her hands, I'm guessing.  But it's pretty cool to watch.

I wonder if this high-tech bedside alarm system wakes you up as gently as the company claims?  There is a video explaining the thing a little bit down the page.

Kerrville peeps: here's the information on the event that has many downtown streets closed today.  It's a cool event, and this page includes maps and times for your convenience.

A new technique allows archeologists to read an ancient Biblical scroll that time has fused shut.  Pretty cool.

This article about using design techniques to improve your life intrigued me.  It's about a class at Stanford, and I found this video with more information.  Stanford also posted this webinar on the subject.

Finally, the story of the creation of a type font.  Yep, I'm a font geek.  His story is below the font samples, so scroll down a bit.

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  1. My return to visit Kerrville after moving away in 1962 has been enhanced by your books at the public library. Thank you!
    - Faye (Roush) Nova


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