Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Link Pack

Tivy High School choir, 1968
I see several of my Facebook friends in this image

How many names for bodies of water do you know?  This list of 58 terms taught me a few.

Not a cat person, but I live with one.  Funny what happened to an subway station in London.

This kind of makes me want to buy an  old soft drink machine, and place it on Water Street.  We all like a mystery.

Here's a clever way to demonstrate the relative size of different buildings, ships, objects, fictional places.

Who knew?  Both Florence Nightengale and Abraham Lincoln relied on early infographics.

A video about the creation of the title sequence of Stranger Things.  Yep, I'm kind of a font geek.

I'm old enough to remember using most of these methods for graphic design around the print shop.

A video documenting one traveler's upgrade to first class on a flight from JFK to Dubai.  Crazy opulent, and super expensive.

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