Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Link Pack

Tivy High School Band, around 1957
I notice the band had cellos and upright basses, but no violins and violas.
Kerr County Judge Tom Pollard is the trombonist sitting between two girls.  Smart fellow.
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Here's a gadget straight from science fiction: making phone calls with your finger tips.

If you've ever tried to draw using perspective, you know how tricky it can be.  Next time, how about this simple hack.  Why didn't I think of that?

Don't take other folks' anxiety.  Here's a tip to designers, but it can apply to everyone.

Pop-up books have always fascinated me.  Here's one which is amazing.

My favorite weather app is now available for your desktop.  I think the maps are pretty cool.

A book of essays by Mary Oliver?  Yes, please.

Looks like the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center is hosting a writing and publishing workshop, hosted by a literary agent.  Info is about halfway down the page, so you'll need to scroll down a bit.

Finally, a way to look smart in brain storming meetings.  Definitely gonna try several of these. Apologies for the crude language in the story.

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