Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Link Pack

Aerial view of Kerrville, 1950s, looking from Guadalupe River
up Sidney Baker Street.
It still surprises me how many Kerrville historical items are for sale on Amazon, and I have no idea who the sellers are.  Here's a photo by Kerrville's Starr Bryden.

Here's another item.

It's not too late to take the Kerr County Museum survey.  It takes about 3 minutes to complete. Here's  a report on the results of the first 100 responses.

Not sure how I missed hearing about this artist.  Hermann Lungkwitz is credited with some of the earliest images of the Texas Hill Country.  This print, published in 1859, sold for $12,000 at auction. Everyone check their closets to make sure you don't have one rolled up in there.

Read this week that exercise might help with symptoms of depression.  Interesting.

This guy is my age and he runs up and down hills for fun.  Perhaps I need to be more active.

I've been thinking a lot about museums, lately, and how they can engage their audience better.  This story offered an idea on how to do just that.

Looking for a Christmas gift for someone who misses Kerrville?  May I humbly suggest my Kerrville Stories history book? Shipping is free to U.S. addresses, or you can stop by the print shop (615 Water Street) to pick up your order.  My friends at Wolfmueller's Books also have copies available.

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