Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Link Pack

Kerrville's Blue Bonnet Hotel, mid-1950s
This stood at the corner of Earl Garrett and Water Streets.  The site is now a parking lot.
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Ancient cave paintings are all over Texas, including Kerr County.  This article is about an archeologist who thinks she's figured out what some of them mean.

Here's something I'm going to try in the New Year, keeping a commonplace book.  Let me know if any of you have kept one.   Here's an article on how to use online tools to keep a commonplace book, which sounds easier to me.

Wow.  National Geographic reports the discovery of part of a dinosaur's tail preserved in amber. The tail is covered in feathers.

I've been reading Blood and Thunder, a biography of Kit Carson, largely because he was so active in New Mexico and Colorado, where I love to go fly fishing.  Fascinating book.  I bet Wolfmueller's Books has a copy, or could find one for you.

I hope you are enjoying this cooler weather!

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