Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday Link Pack

Louise Hays Park, not long after construction.
Note the Blue Bonnet Hotel and Cotton Eldridge's ski shack.

So many of my readers have memories of the Cascade Pool downtown; my generation made memories at Kerrville's Olympic Pool, off of Singing Wind Drive in east Kerrville.  It had a diving tower, with platforms at 5 meters and 10 meters.  I remember being terrified to jump off of the 10 meter platform.  This video, shot in Sweden, reminds me of my early days, trying to make up my mind, whether to jump or not.  (Via the New York Times.)

Several of you have asked for the link to the book on Texas Fossils, and I'm happy to provide it. (It's a free download.)  I wrote about fossil hunting a few weeks ago.  A copy of the book might be available at Wolfmueller's Books in Kerrville.

What happens if the data underlying our assumptions changes?  Here's a thoughtful TED talk given by Sarah Bloom Raskin.

Here's a bit of whimsy for your Saturday.

How much change can one family make on their hometown?  A chef and her family are making a difference in her hometown in North Carolina.  I sometimes watch her PBS show to learn more about the state where our daughter lives.

Have a great weekend!

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