Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Link Pack

First National Motor Bank, 1960s, near intersection of
Water and Washington streets, on the south side of Water Street.
Super modern design, don't you think?

Editor's Note: I'm afraid the links this week might confirm my geek street cred.

We all know the moon only shows us one side, rotating once per orbit, with the same side always facing earth.  What if you could travel around the moon?  What would it look like?  This video shows you.  You're welcome.

Likewise, what about a flight over Mars -- what would that look like?  Here you go.

We think the USA drives tech innovation, and for the most part it does.  But there's another country which is influencing the future of tech, especially mobile tech.  How China is changing your Internet.

Speaking of the Interwebs, this new exhibit shows off the early days of the World Wide Web.

This video is the geekiest I will post today.  But those of you who watch it to the end will find it pretty darned cool. I remember playing Asteroids for the first time at Kerrville's long-gone bowling alley.  That game was amazing.

There are many things being written about transgender folks, most of it hateful.  I thought this piece, written by a mom, was interesting.

Here's an editorial essay about the importance of attending church, which I miss.

I've lived in a small town almost all of my life. (The exception: the years I spent at U. T. Austin.) This essay about "Main Street" was interesting.  There are some things in the piece with which I disagree, but it sure made me think.

My sweet Ms. Carolyn has posted a new instructional video about making art with a gelli plate.  Yep, I'm proud of her.

Wow!  All-time page views at crossed 500,000 views last Thursday morning. That's amazing amount of traffic for a blog about the history of a rural Texas county. Thanks, everyone! I'm kinda jazzed about this milestone.

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