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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's missing?

Howard Butt's business card, from around 1957.
What's missing?
Perhaps it's just the old printer in me -- but when I came across this 1957-era business card of Howard Butt's, I noticed something was missing.  Can you spot it?  It's something you'd find on most business cards today.
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  1. No phone... no real address... no way to contact the man! Is this more of a calling card?

  2. Missing a phone number in 1957.
    Today it's missing email, website, Facebook & Twitter.

  3. Oh, yea, today it might also need a QR code

  4. I think it is the address and phone number. Love your blog Joe!

  5. Exactly. There's no way to contact him. No phone, no address. Perhaps it was a "don't call me, I'll call you" card. :-)

  6. No products or services listed, even though it would be implied by the name of company. No address. Were telephone numbers common on business cards in the 50s? Google images show many with no phone info.


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