Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stonehenge II is moving from Hunt to Ingram.

Stonehenge II, a project of the late Al Shepperd and his friend and neighbor Doug Hill, is moving from Hunt to Ingram.  Built on a curve in FM 1340 near Camp Stewart for Boys, the structure is made from plaster on wire mesh.
I remember Al Shepperd.  He was quite a character.  In fact, after his funeral, Al's ashes were scattered at Stonehenge II.  It was a windy day.  All of us at the funeral undoubtedly took a little bit of Al back home with us.   As the urn was lifted and the ashes flew out in all directions, I swear I could hear Al Shepperd's laugh echoing from the nearby hills.
The structure is being moved to the Hill Country Arts Foundation property in Ingram, there on the Point, at the junction of Johnson Creek and the Guadalupe River.  David Cockerell, Executive Director for the HCAF is leading the effort, and you can click here to donate funds to help pay for the move.

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Stonehenge II as it appeared before the move.
Photo from the Wikipedia entry on Stonehenge II

Stonehenge II, being dismantled at FM 1340, Hunt

Stonehenge II, being rebuilt, Hill Country Arts Foundation, Ingram
Click here to donate to help rebuild Stonehenge II.

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