Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From my collection: a Kerr Centennial Plate

Most Wednesdays I try to share something from my collection with you other than a photograph.

One of the biggest events in our recent history occurred in 1956: the Kerr County Centennial.  It was a really big deal, and people from all over the county participated.

While many of the things in my collection are ephemera, this particular item was meant to be saved and cherished.  Fired by the Vernon Kilns, the plate was designed and drawn by Olive Vandruff.

Here's what's printed on the back of the plate:
Kerr County Centennial
The Guadalupe Valley was the domain of Redmen [sic] when dauntless shinglemakers established the first settlement in 1846.  Ten years later, restless pioneers from the Old South joined freedom-seeking German immigrants in organizing Kerr County in 1856.  Livestock became the economic keystone -- first cattle raising, then sheep and goats.  Building of the railroad in 1887 opened a new era.  A century later scenic Kerr County is the home of 17,500 citizens and the summer mecca for thousands of vacationists.  The founders could have bequeathed no finer heritage to oncoming generations.

The plate is 10 1/2 inches in diameter.
Click image to enlarge
Kerr County Centennial Plate, 1956, designed by Olive Woodruff and fired at Vernon Kilns
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  1. Do you have any photos of the Centennial Beard-growing contest? I know my dad, Bob Cox, and Manly Cooper entered it!


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